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Review: http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/music/philtres-review-australian-composer-liza-lim-features-in-anam-fellowship-show-by-georgia-ioakimidismacdougal-20150316-1m00wp.html

Photo Credit: Agatha Yim

I am excited to present this concert of intimate duos and solos including works for singing viola, speaking cellist and the world premiere of a piece I had the great pleasure of commissioning for Callum G’Froerer – Liza Lim’s The Window for quarter tone flugal.


6pm, Saturday March 14, 2015

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

111 Sturt St, Southbank VIC  

$15/$10 at the door


SET ONE 36’  Callum G’Froerer, Matthias Schack-Arnott, Jenny Khafagi

LIZA LIM The Window – Quartertone Flugal Horn (World Premiere) 7’

LIZA LIM Philtre – Solo retuned violin 5’

LIZA LIM Love Letter – Solo percussion 5’

LIZA LIM Wild Winged One – Solo trumpet 9’

LIZA LIM Ehwaz – Trumpet and percussion 15’


SET TWO 30’  Katie Yap, Matthew Hoy, Michael Dahlenburg

BEN HJERTMANN Two Lines for Hannah – Singing violist (Australian Premiere) 1’

PETER EÖTVÖS Two Poems to Polly – Speaking cellist 9’

CALLUM G’FROERER Charcoals II – Viola and cello (World Premiere) 6’

MATTHEW LAING New The Paper Dolls – Singing violist (World Premiere) 3’

GIACINTO SCELSI Elegia per Thy – Viola and cello 11’

More info: http://www.anam.com.au/2015-events/philtres.phps


P R O G R A M   N O T E S




L I Z A  L I M The Window 6’ (2014, World Premiere)

Solo quarter-tone flugelhorn

Commissioned for Callum G’Froerer

Based on The Window by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī *


L I Z A  L I M Philtre 7’ (1997)

Solo Hardanger fiddle (Norwegian folk fiddle) or retuned violin (FCEB)

‘A philtre is a ‘love potion’. This piece for the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle exploits the instrument’s resonance strings (rather like an Indian sitar) and low-voiced tuning to weave texture and murmuring resonances. ‘ – Liza Lim, 1997


L I Z A  L I M Wild Winged One 8’ (2007)

Solo trumpet with wacky whistle

‘Wild Winged One is a kind of ‘resetting’ of some fragments from my opera The Navigator written when I was living in Berlin in 2007.  In the opera, the trumpet is especially associated with the ‘Angel of History’ a part-human, part-animal-bird, part-divine figure of prophecy and witness.’ **   –Liza Lim, 2007


L I Z A  L I M Love Letter 6’ (2011)

Solo hand drum

  1. write a letter to your beloved
  2. transpose the letters of each word into rhythmic information including silences
  3. assign rhythmic layers for performances by left and right hands
  4. perform the work exploring subtle graduations of timbre at different locations on the drum surface using fingers, palms, fingernails, brushes, superball


L I Z A  L I M Ehwaz (journeying) 13’ (2010)

Trumpet and percussion

‘Ehwaz is one of the Viking runes and is a symbol associated with communion, trance, shamanic energies and ecstatic searching.’ – Liza Lim, 2010


~ I n t e r v a l   1 5 ’ ~


B E N   H J E R T M A N N Two lines for Hannah 1’ (2013, Australian Premiere)

Singing violist

Written at Bang on a Can Music Festival 2013, Massachusetts.


P E T E R   E Ö T V Ö S Two Poems to Polly 6’ (1998)

Speaking cellist

Based on text by Lady Sharashina (born in Japan, 1908) – a dialogue between a man waiting for his deceased lover to return, and the voice that answers him.


C A L L U M   G ’ F R O E R E R Charcoals II 9.30’ (2015, World Premiere)

Viola and Violoncello


M A T T H E W   L A I N G The Paper Dolls 6’ (2015, World Premiere)

Solo Viola


G I A C I N T O   S C E L S I Elegia per Ty 11’ (1958/66)

Viola and Violoncello

Scelsi’s tender remembrance of his former wife Dorothy, nicknamed ‘Ty’.



B  I  O  S


G e o r g i a I O A K I M I D I S – M A C D O U G A L L

Georgia is a freelance horn player and curator based in Melbourne. Recently, she has co-curated Messiaen’s Des Canyons aux Etoiles as part of her ANAM fellowship, played in Matthew Hoy’s Soft Soft Loud festival at Fremantle Arts Centre, and commissioned several works including a large-scale chamber song cycle from Peter de Jager which was premiered at the Melbourne Recital Centre. She shortly relocating to Berlin to freelance and continue her studies in psychology.

C a l l u m G ’ F R O E R E R

Callum is a trumpet player active in improvised and notated musical settings. He has just released his second album ‘Space Available’, and in 2014, performed with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, The Phonetic Orchestra, Ensemble Offspring and Brass Commons. He is shortly relocating to Europe where projects include playing Stockhausen’s Trumpetent with Marco Blaauw.

M a t t h i a s S C H A C K – A R N O T T

Matthias is a Melbourne based percussive artist working in the areas of performance, composition and improvisation. At the age of 21 Matthias was invited to be the Artistic Associate of Speak Percussion, with whom he has toured throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Matthias’ solo practice explores meticulously realised percussive installations such as his recent large-scale performance installation, Fluvial, which was premiered at the 2014 Next Wave Festival.

J e n n y K H A F A G H I

Jenny has performed throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and Canada as an orchestral and chamber musician. She plays regularly with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and has also toured throughout regional Australia with ACO2. Jenny is a core member of Melbourne’s Syzygy Ensemble, a group committed to discovering, commissioning and presenting, new music

M a t t h e w H O Y

Matthew is program manager at the Australian National Academy of Music, and artistic director of Soft Soft Loud festival at Fremantle Arts Centre. A former cellist in the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Matt conceives of and directs artistic collaborations which engage both musicians and audiences. This year, Matt brought together Finnish musician Tuomo Prättälä, his beat boxing compatriot Felix Zenger, Tilman Robinson, and a ten piece ensemble for a unique performance blending pop, soul and jazz.

M i c h a e l D A H L E N B U R G

Cellist and conductor Michael Dahlenburg performs regularly as a chamber musician, soloist and orchestral musician. He has performed as a soloist with the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Melbourne University Chamber Orchestra, Melbourne Youth Orchestra and Melbourne New Orchestra. He is a core player of the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, and has performed with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, ACO2, Orchestra Victoria and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

K a t i e Y A P

Katie has a passion for chamber music, and has just completed three years at the Australian National Academy of music. She has played in Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Australian World Orchestra, the Australian Youth Orchestra, the Tasmanian Discovery Orchestra, the Bangalow Chamber Orchestra, the Ainola Quartet, and the Grawert Quartet. Katie will join Orchestra Victoria in 2015 as Associate Principal Viola.

**T H E  N A V I G A T O R (excerpt)

-Patricia Sykes

the comet in its coma

sings of the erotic bathings

of a man inside a woman

inside a man who makes love

with water, sings of a woman

inside a man inside a woman

who makes love with a comet

sings of a comet inside a glacier

inside an engine whose twin aortas

deliver blood-rain or tide-blood

sings of a doubt so cold

it breeds ice

*T H E  W I N D O W

-Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

There is some kiss we want with our whole lives,

The touch of spirit on the body.

Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell.

And the lily,

How passionately it needs some wild darling!

At night I open the window and ask the moon

to come and press its face against mine.

Breathe into me.

Close the language-door and open the love-window.

The moon won’t use the door,

Only the window.

Thankyou to Emma Anderson and the team at ACCA, Liza Lim, Matthew Hoy, Genevieve Lacey , Liam McManus, and the team at ANAM.

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