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Study on 5 objects

Study on 5 Objects

Mixed media. November 2016, The Banff Centre Canada


The manipulated recordings of 5 objects were played back through themselves on a 20 minute loop, becoming their own speakers. Handmade objects included ceramic chimes in three tone clusters and an Aeolian harp; an instrument whose long, shifting tones are produced as wind causes its strings to vibrate. The audience was encouraged to also play the instruments acoustically, becoming part of the performance.

Study on 5 Objects was presented as both an indoor and outdoor installation as part of the November 2016 Musicians in Residency program at the Banff Centre, Canada. The installation could function autonomously, and also be interactive as the audience reacted to the soundtrack and played the instruments, becoming part of the creative process.

Banff Centre Residency


I’m very happy to have just arrived at the Banff Centre in Canada where I’ll be spending the next month building an outdoor sound installation in the wintry cold.  O Canada.